MSHA Approved Conveyor Belt for Underground Applications

This page describes the heavy duty, fire resistant DEPREUX conveyor belts for underground applications. They comply with MSHA Part 14 standards.

Product Range: 150 PIW to 3200 PIW with a maximum width of 72”

Standard conveyor belting is a highly flammable product, as it is composed of chemical products derived from petrochemicals. Special agents are added in the dipping solution of the fabrics, the impregnation paste, and in the different rubber components that make up a safety belt. This process increases the fire resistance and decreases the friction factor of the metal elements. These agents act in synergy at different high temperature levels. These added fire resistant agents will generally degrade the mechanical properties of the covers.

The DEPREUX brand has more than 100 years of experience in designing safety belts that comply with the various world safety standards. While complying with the standards, DEPREUX has optimized the mechanical parameters for the different conveying applications which will ensure the belt longevity your company needs.