Cobra America offers a full line of connecting pins:
• Standard Stainless Steel Connecting Pins
• Armored Stainless Steel Connecting Pins
• Nylon Armored Coated Connecting Pins
• Galvanized Connecting Pins
• Galvanized Connecting Zip Pins
• Hardfield Stainless Steel Polycoated Pins

Our Connecting Pins range in sizes from 5mm to 9mm in diameter and up to 60″ in length.
Custom sizes are available upon request.


Standard Stainless Steel Connecting Pins:

Stainless Steel-1


Armored Stainless Steel Connecting Pins:

Galvanized Zip-6


Nylon Armored Connecting Pins:

Nylon Amored-5


Galvanized Connecting Pins:



Galvanized Connecting Zip Pins:

Galvanized Zip-6


Hardfield Stainless Steel Polycoated Pins: