Transportation of bulk or other material in various mining and industrial sectors, such as: quarries, mines, power plants, steel, cement industry, ports, paper and wood, glass, any standard use.

  • Tensile Strength: 250 N/mm to 2000 N/mm – using 2 to 5 plies.
  • Width and Length: Standard 1600 mm maximum.  Wider belts available – please contact us.
  • Belt Structure: The DELTA or DELTA CFW belt textile carcase is made up of layers of fabrics, from 2 to 4 (or more) plies.  Each of these is separated by a rubber layer.  This ‘sandwich’ structure enables the belt to absorb shocks. The upper and lower fabrics of the belt are then covered with a final rubber cover.

DELTA EP 400/3 – 1000 – 4 + 2 Y

DELTA Plied rubber conveyor belt
EP Warp polyester E – Weft polyamide P
400 Tensile strength in N/mm
3 Number of plies
1000 Width in mm
4 + 2 Upper and lower covers thickness in mm
Y Cover Type

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