DELTA selftrack belts are used to ensure proper centering of the troughed belt to avoid any tracking misalignment. This special belt is designed on the basis of a plied classic DELTA plus 1 fold above the classics EP fabrics. This gives for example 3+1: 3 conventional EP plies + 1 stiffened ply; the stiffened ply is about ⅓ of the belt width and is located only in the middle of the belt. DELTA selftrack belt can also be manufactured with great interplies DELTA + selftrack.

DELTA selftrack – 400/3+1 – 1200 – 6+2 – Y

DELTA Plied rubber conveyor belt
SELFTRACK 1 additional stiffened ply
400 Tensile strength in N/mm
3+1 3 EP plies + 1 stiffened ply
1400 Belt width in mm
6 + 2 Upper and lower covers thickness in mm
Y Cover Type