The DX-FLEX belt has excellent properties of resistance to tearing and resistance to heavy impacts. Because the carcase is thin, DX FLEX can also be used with smaller pulley diameters than textile plied or steel-cord belts. Ability of DX-FLEX to trough is much better than a plied conveyor belt. DX-FLEX can also be joined with mechanical fasteners. DX-FLEX is therefore utilised on heavy duty conveyors where resistance to the effects of heavy impacts and resistance to tearing are important characteristics, typically seen in quarrying, open cast mining and steel industries…or in applications where heavy-duty and yet narrow belts are required, such as in tunneling.

DX-FLEXAMID – 1600/2 – 1200 6+3 – X

DX-FLEX Conveyor Belt with straight-warp
1600 Tensile strength at break of the belt in N/mm; 1600 N/mm
2 2 plies of straight-warp fabric, each made of an 800 N/mm tensile strength fabric
1200 Conveyor belt width in mm
6+3 Top and bottom cover thickness in mm
X Cover type