The main feature of this belt is that it is the lightest and the thinnest between all textile and steel options; thanks to the properties of the aramid yarn which has 3 times more strength (or tenacity) than a polyester yarn for the same weight, and roughly three times less elongation. Compared to steel construction, it is naturally much lighter, and its elongation is in the same order of magnitude as steel.

The aramid yarn is used in the warp and generally polyamide yarn are used in the weft.  If a great concentration of nylon yarns are used, compared to a steel-cord belt, the belt will have a much greater resistance to tearing; and a temporary joining with mechanical fasteners could be used.

DX-FLEXAMID – 1600/1 – 1400 – 6+3 – X

DX-FLEXAMID Conveyor Belt with aramid straight-warp
1600 Tensile strength at break of the belt in N/mm; 1600 N/mm
1 1 ply of straight-warp fabric aramid
1400 Conveyor belt width in mm
6+3 Top and bottom cover thickness in mm
X Cover type