Product Description:

  1. DYNA belts are used when a long service life is sought and/or which are characterised by severe operating conditions such as in short centre or high speed systems, the presence of large rocks, a risk of impact damage, or longitudinal tearing or edge wear.
  2. DYNA belts are also used for long center distances or when the system is on a steep slope. In these circumstances a DYNA belt works better than conventional ply or steel cord belts, because of its high mechanical and corrosion resistance, its generally lower power requirement, plus the fact that it is easy to install and maintain, mainly because of its high fastener holding.
  3. And finally, DYNA are used for bucket elevators, because of the high bolt holding strength of their structure.

DYNA EP 630/1 – 1000 – 4+2 SH

DYNA Solid woven rubber belt
EP Warp polyester E – Weft polyamide P
630 Nominal tensile strength in N/mm
1 Single ply
1000 Width in mm
4+2 Upper and lower covers thickness in mm
SH Cover compound