TRANSCO is the actual European leader in the manufacture of conveyor and elevator belts uniquely designed to handle bulk products in both the agriculture and food processing industries, with an unrivalled depth of product range.


TRANSCO has the right product to meet your dedicated needs according to the following criteria:


    • Direct CONTACT with Food:  When the conveyed products are meant for human consumption it is compulsory to ensure:
      • that the particles potentially released by the slow abrasion of the belt over time that could get mixed with the conveyed food products are not hazardous to human health.
      • a total stability and inocuity of the conveyor and elevator belt compounds to prevent any contamination of the conveyed products. Risk of such contamination is particularly acute in moist and greasy environments.
  • Belt COLOR: In food processing industries a white belt’s benefit is that it does not release visible particles in the conveyed product, thus being an efficient non-marking, non-staining alternative.
  • SAFETY: Fire and Explosion Risks: An ATEX certified belt in compliance with international standards ISO 284 for antistatic and ISO 340 for flame/fire resistance is essential in high risk environments such as cereal silos, sugar refineries, etc.
  • CONVEYING Greasy and Oily products: While a standard belt will most likely swell and deform when conveying greasy/oily products a high content of nitrile will enable better control of such phenomena.





The Transco white food conveyor and elevator belts range, named FDA-BLANC is manufactured with materials strictly in compliance with the actual stringent international standards and legislations relating to food processing industries.  The FDA-BLANC range meets the following standards specifications for rubber and plastics in contact with food:

  • F.D.A. (US Standard)
  • European Standard EN 1935/2004