• Solid Strip Fastener: One complete strip is installed on the belt across the full width preventing loss or damage during transportation and storage.
  • High Joint Strength: The staggered arrangement of the staples enables a splice with a high tensile and dynamic strength to be installed. The loads are spread across the staggered staple arrangement.
  • Joint Alignment: The fasteners are installed with the hammer too. Install the fastener on either side and in the center of the splice ensuring the fasteners are square to the belt and then install the fasteners across the full width. Because of the good alignment, it is very easy for the connecting pin to be inserted.
  • Less Impact Force: The front edge of the fastener is chamfered which decreases the impact and wear to idlers, pulleys, and cleaners during the running of the conveyor.
  • Pin Life: The loop section of the fastener is designed to maintain a good even radius after the fastener is clinched, thus providing a good working surface for the connecting pin to interact with.
  • Application: Heavy-Duty conveyor belt, underground mining, main haulage, coal, potash.