Product Description:

  • The Gorflex Plate Fasteners are easily installed with a range of hand tools and with assistance of readily available power tools. These plate fasteners are also ideally suited for the quick repair of belt tears.
  • They are suitable for a wide range of belt thicknesses (5mm-24mm or 3/16”-1”)
  • They are also suitable for a wide range of belt widths. Butted belt ends make a sealed type belt joint; this can be further enhanced with the use of Gortape to seal the joint.
  • It has excellent impact resistance and is particularly suitable for hard rock conveying systems due to their long life and wear resistance.
  • Gorflex can be used for general applications and the transportation of sand, gravel, cement, crushed stone, coal, salt, and belt tear repairs.



  • Each set of Gorflex includes one top place, one bottom plate, two bolts and two nuts.
  • Types 2½ and 3 have an additional circlip
  • Types 140/190/1½/2 come in 25 sets per box and 100 sets per bucket.
  • A set of installation tools includes 1 punch, 1 wrench, and 2 bolt breakers. There are 3 tool sets, please refer to the technical parameter above.