Solid strip fastener:
One complete fastener strip is installed on the belt across the full width preventing fastener loss or damage during transportation and storage.

Single fastener size suitable for a wide belt thickness range:
RV6 can be used for a belt thickness of 6- l 2mm, making the RV6 easy for the customers to manage,.

High strength of the joint:
The V shape of the staple arrangement enables a high density of staple penetration on the installation without causing damage to the core of the belt.

Good alignment of the joint:
The fasteners are installed with the hammer tool. Install the fastener on either side and in the centre of the splice ensuring the fasteners are square to the belt and then install the fasteners across the full width. Because of the good alignment, it is very easy for the connecting pin to be inserted.

Less impact during the operation:
The V shaped low and flat plate fastener body with a chamfered leading edge decreases the impact and wear to idlers, pulleys and cleaners during the operation of the conveyor.

Improved life of the pin:
The loop section of the fastener is designed to maintain a good even radius after the fastener is clenched, thus providing a good working surface for the connecting pin to interact with.


Mining Construction, Asphalt plants, Aggregate plants