This hammer tool allows the installation of the RECORD V6 fasteners in a single operation with a punch and a hammer and is open-ended for continuous lacing of wider belts.

Hammertool ONLY

Reference Length
103205-HT  Record V6  Hammertool 900 mm (36″)
103207-HT  Record V6 Hammertool 1050 mm (42″)
103208-HT  Record V6 Hammertool 1200 mm (48″)
103210-HT  Record V6 Hammertool 1400 mm (54″)

KIT INCLUDES 1-Hammertool & 1-Drive punch

Reference Length
103205-KIT  Record V6  Hammertool 900 mm (36″)
103207-KIT  Record V6 Hammertool 1050 mm (42″)
103208-KIT  Record V6 Hammertool 1200 mm (48″)
103210-KIT  Record V6 Hammertool 1400 mm (54″)

Aluminum Hammertool ONLY

Reference Length
103405-HT  Light Weight RV6 Hammertool 900mm(36”)
103407-HT  Light Weight RV6 Hammertool 1050 mm (42″)
103408-HT  Light Weight RV6 Hammertool 1200 mm (48″)
103410-HT  Light Weight RV6 Hammertool 1400 mm (54″)

Spare parts:

Reference Description
103301 Matrix
103302 RV6 drive-in punch
103303 Record V6 Guide Pin (Broche)
103304 Round punch
103305 Profiled punch
103306 Retaining Plate
103307 Dowell Pin
103309 Locking Pin
4020088 Drive Punch handle