The COBRA group specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of conveyor components for the bulk material handling industry.

The group was formed in 2001 and has grown exponentially over the years combining five established businesses with over 70 years of industry experience:

dp Conveyor belts for the mining, tunneling, quarries, and heavy-duty processing industries
transco Conveyor belts for the agriculture and the food industries
indi Conveyor belts for the individual items transport and packaging industries.
gosmart Components to optimize the operation of the conveyor system
mossier Vulcanizing presses for jointing or repairing conveyor belts

The COBRA Group has a global footprint, with a combined turnover of 100 million USD and 500 employees.

The COBRA group is 5th largest manufacturer of conveyor belting in the world.

DEPREUX is the 2nd largest manufacturer in the underground mine business and the 1st  in China.

TRANSCO is the European leader in conveyor belts business for food industries.

map group

The COBRA Group is organized in three main operational areas:

  1. Greater Europe: Consists of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
  2. China
  3. Asia Pacific: Consists of the Far East, the Americas, and Australia